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Hewlett Packard Labs can see a future beyond the next big thing. We call it the Next Next. It’s the proof of our risk-­taking, a public expression of our commitment to look past today’s emerging technologies to a place where we can materially influence the future. Here we examine the large­-scale issues confronting us, including the end of Moore’s Law, Memory-Driven Computing, and modeling the human brain.

You have to allow innovation to happen, and there is risk in that. All sorts of companies say they like to take risks, but only when there’s an upside.

– Martin Fink, EVP, CTO, and Director of Hewlett Packard Labs

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Professor Leon Chua
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The Chua Lectures

Watch an exciting multi-part lecture series with Professor Leon Chua, exploring research areas that have emerged from highly nonlinear and dynamical phenomena.

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SECURity at the network EDge (SECURED) is a high-profile, collaborative research project…

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ArcSight Analytics

Labs technology underpins ArcSight DNS Malware Analytics

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Hewlett Packard Labs Bristol
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Hewlett Packard Labs celebrates 30 Years of innovation in Bristol

Hewlett Packard Labs this summer marked the 30th anniversary of the founding of its Bristol, UK lab, the company’s first research facility to be based outside the US.

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